Intervention Investigations is a Houston, Texas private investigator firm that provides private investigation services for individuals, insurance companies, self-insured, law firms and third party administrators.

Intervention Investigations unique but simple approach to private investigations is unparalleled in today’s investigative industry. Experience, persistent hard work, continued training and high tech equipment, along with sensible decision-making, is used during every assignment that we conduct.

Why do I need to hire a private investigator ?

A private investigator is hired for the purpose of obtaining legal or personal evidence/information. * Would you hire a Barber to perform heart surgery? Or would you hire a mechanic to get legal advice ?

How much does it cost for an investigator and will I need money up front?

Our prices vary according to the type, duration, location and complexity of the investigation. Yes, a retainer is required on all investigations. We conduct the investigation and bill against the retainer. Any funds from the retainer that are not utilized during the investigation are reimbursed to the client.

*We have yet to conduct two investigations exactly the same; however, each and every case is conducted accordingly!

What type of evidence is obtained during the investigation?

Again, this depends on your case and what it is that you are looking for or wanting to find out. There are several types of evidence that we can provide for our clients that are as follows: video evidence, still photos (from the video footage), photographs, criminal and civil records, assets and legal documents, valid addresses (when asked to locate individuals) etc…

*Because we are a full service investigation company we are very flexible and will work with our clients to get them exactly what type of evidence that they need.

Are your services confidential? Will my spouse or lover find out that I hired a PI to follow them?

Our services are completely confidential! When you call the office you will speak with an investigator that is going to look out for you the client . During the investigation if it seems that the subject is suspicious in any way we will contact our client (YOU) and discuss and access the situation. At no time will the investigator ever reveal his/her agenda to the subject. That is our guarantee!

*One important element that makes a professional investigator is confidentiality- you have come to the right company!

How often do your investigators catch cheating spouses during surveillance efforts?

We have had a very high success rate when working these types of cases. 8 times out of 10 if you have that gut feeling that your spouse or lover is cheating, you are usually right. There is something to be said for those guts feelings! If we don’t catch your spouse or lover cheating then you can have peace of mind that you know the truth!

*Refer to our top 10 signs of a cheating spouse on the domestic page.

What type of information do I need to provide to initiate an investigation?

We ask that you provide us with a photograph and description of the subject that will be under surveillance. Any information that you can provide for us regarding where the subject will be, what their address is, what type of vehicle they are driving, height and weight of the subject, information about who you think they may be cheating with, etc… will help us get you optimal results without all of the guess work. This in turn will save you money. If we are conducting research for you (locating a person or doing a criminal background check) then it is extremely useful to have their social security number, date of birth, full name and past or present addresses.

*Pictures are worth a thousand words (or $1000 bucks in this case)!

How does the subject not know that they are under surveillance and being followed?

Our investigators are highly trained and very good at what they do. When our investigators follow a subject they use vehicles that blend in with other vehicles in the area. Our time-tested techniques during a pursuit are hands down the best in the field. It is a requirement that our investigators have “blacked out” windows on their vehicles so that they will not be detected when obtaining film for our clients. Also, the “blacked out” windows are impossible for people to see through; therefore, our investigator can conduct surveillance at a location for hours without anyone knowing that they are in their vehicle.

*This is not Hollywood!

Do your investigators ever lose the subjects when you are following them during an investigation?

Again, our investigators are very good at what they do. There is an “art” to following a subject without them knowing it. It is important for the investigator to remain at a safe enough distance behind the individual (so that the subject does not know that they are being followed) however, they have to make sure that they don’t lose the subject at a stop light or in traffic. Sometimes things happen that we can’t control and our subject is lost. If that happens we will be completely honest with you the client and will discuss ways with you to continue the investigation successfully.

*Please let us know if you have ever threatened your significant other to hire a PI because that can cause the subject to be extremely suspicious and careful.

Can Intervention Investigations guarantee that they will get results?

We can never guarantee that we will get results for several reasons; the spouse or loved one in question may actually not be cheating, they may be cheating behind closed doors out of the investigators view, they may be giving the spouse/client false information about where they will be causing our investigator to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, etc… One thing we can guarantee is that you will get excellent service from excellent, well-trained, knowledgeable investigators that will put every effort into obtaining results for you the client .

*We make sure that our investigators are the best in the field and will not employ inexperienced or unskilled investigators.

How do I know that I will get back my retainer money if it is not utilized during the investigation?

Our company is licensed and regulated by the Texas Private Security Bureau, License # A-10881. We value our good standing with the state board and would not do anything to jeopardize our reputation with state agencies or our clients (whether it be individuals or companies). If we owe our client a refund regarding their retainer than we guarantee that it will be paid back to our clients in a timely, confidential and convenient manner.

*We also guarantee that we will only bill our client for actual time spent during the investigation. Some companies “pad” their billing which is not only unethical but also dishonest and downright wrong.